Try snus and learn why so many have switched from cigarettes for good. Why try it? First, let's define "Swedish snus".

If you are under 21 years of age or a non-tobacco user and or live in a country or state that forbids online tobacco information or sales or live in the USA you must leave this site now.

What is Snus?

It is pasteurized[1] ground, steam cured[2] tobacco, water, table salt, and flavorings. Food grade humectants are normally added for improved moisture retention. Proper moisture favorably influences pH, aroma furthermore taste. A higher pH level allows more nicotine into one's blood stream than a lower pH level[3].

There are two standard formats, loose weight and pre-portioned pouches. Portion pouches contain a premeasured consistent amount of tobacco. Users need only place one under their upper lip. "Loose" users form their own pris (pinch) using their hands. "Portion" is a relatively new format (1970's) outsells loose approximately two to one.

Swedish Snuff

  • Spit free
  • Steam cured not fire cured[4]
  • Pasteurized not fermented[5]
  • Discreet
  • No sugar added
  • Does not produce smoke
  • Airline use uncontrolled
  • Plenty of nicotine
  • No chipmunk appearance
  • Isn't laboratory produced
  • No smoking stigma
  • No batteries or faddish gimmicks
  • Isn't inhaled into lungs
  • No sniffing required
  • Isn't manufactured by Big Tobacco
  • Public use can't be effectively banned
  • Produced over 200 years
  • Label list ingredients others don't

Below is a partial list of available Swedish brands.

  • Blue Ocean
    • Blue Ocean
  • Catch Collection
    • Chill
    • Cozy
    • Ease
    • Fresh
    • Glow
    • Lafayette Street
    • Mellow
    • Spring Street
    • Still
    • Thrill
  • Catch
    • Black Currant
    • Dry Eucalyptus
    • Dry Licorice
    • Eucalyptus
    • Licorice
    • Pure Mint
  • Click
    • Click Original
  • Ettan
    • Portion
    • White
  • Fellinni
    • Eucalyptus Dry
    • Licorice Dry
    • Dry Mint
  • Göteborgs
    • Prima Fint Kardus
    • Prima Fint
    • Rapé
    • Rapé Kardus
    • Rapé Lime
    • Rapé Lingon
    • Rapé Loose
    • Rapé No2
  • General
    • Portion
    • Classic
    • Dry Mint
    • Extra Strong
    • Green Harvest
    • Long
    • Long Extra Strong
    • Long Strong
    • Extra Strong Loose
    • Mint
    • Nordic Mint
    • Onyx
    • Silver
    • White
    • Wintergreen
  • Granit
    • Portion
    • Maxi
    • Strong
  • Grovsnus
    • Portion
    • Kardus
    • Motörhead
    • Svart (Black)
  • Jägarpris
    • Jägarpris
  • Kaliber
    • Kaliber
  • Knox
    • Portion
    • Strong
  • Kronan
    • Portion
  • Lucky Strike
    • Portion
    • Nites
  • M by Mocca
    • Anis
  • Mocca
    • Aniseed
    • Black Maple
  • Nick and Johnny
    • Black
    • Crushed Ice
    • Edge
    • Radical Red
    • White Heat
  • Nordströmmen
    • Brandy Alexander
  • Odens
    • 59 Extreme Cinnamon
    • Cinnamon ES
    • Cold
    • Extreme
    • Extreme Wintergreen
    • Liquorice ES
  • Offroad
    • Portion
    • Coffee Supreme
    • Coffee Vanilla
    • Cola
    • Coola
    • Cranberry
    • Eucalyptus
    • Frosted
    • Icemint
    • Liquorice
  • Olde Viking
    • Olde Viking Ginger Lime
    • Olde Viking Spearmint
  • Phantom
    • Blue
    • Brown
    • Classic
  • Probe Whiskey
    • Portion
  • Röda Lacket
    • Claq Qui
    • White
  • Skruf
    • Skruf Portion
    • Cranberry
    • Extra Strong
    • Limited Sweden Edition
    • Slim Fresh
    • Slim
    • Slim Nordic
    • Slim Xtra Stark
  • Smålands
    • Smålands Portion
  • The Lab Series
    • 01
    • 02
    • 05
    • 06
  • Thunder
    • Berry
    • Blue
    • Mint
    • Cool Orange
    • Coola Chrome
    • Coola
    • Frosted
    • Frosted Longer Plus
    • Frosted Plus
    • Original Plus
    • Raw Frosted
    • Wintergreen
  • Tre Ankare
    • Tre Ankare
  • Vertigo
    • Vertigo Bahama Velvet
    • Vertigo Cuba Gold

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Dip, Non-Swedish, nasal snuff, chew or electronic cigarette?

Time had come for me to switch[6] from cigarettes. Considering all of my alternatives to smoking was extremely important. Therefore, I spent several months researching alternatives until finding which was best for me. My goal among others was finding a nicotine option "not consumed by smoking" which would replace smoking. I would try snus and find that Swedish met and exceeded all of my goals.

Dipping Tobacco or American Moist Snuff

During my life, I've tried numerous moist snuff products. Some taste like cough medicine, but the best like molasses soaked fermented tobacco like substances. None tastes like real tobacco, authentic flavors, or even non-medicine flavored syrup.

Two "qualities" they all share are large amounts of sugar and spitting. I don't need extra sugar, molasses, or high fructose corn syrup in my diet or on my teeth. If one dips all day, then they will spit all day. Spitting becomes a way of life for a "dipper". Consequently dip didn't meet the standards for my future source of nicotine.


During the last few years, cigarette manufacturers have suffered from falling sales, because of smoking bans, increased taxes, etc. They began experimenting with non-Swedish "SNUS" smokeless tobacco in an endeavor for new sales.

Non-Swedish "Camel snus" and "Marlboro snus" began limited market trials in 2006 and 2007 respectively. In 2009, those Non-Swedish brands "officially" went under government food control. Most non-Swedish brands are stored in uncontrolled temperatures but yet have extraordinarily lengthy "shelf lives". Non-Swedish is available in approximately 20-25 different varieties.

Sweden has 200+ years experience in snus development and production. Since 1971, the "Swedish Food Act" has strictly regulated Swedish as a perishable food item. By law, Swedish is stored under refrigeration until final retail sale. Furthermore, it has short expiration dates which ensures freshness. Swedish is available in over 250 different varieties.

Nasal Snuff

Nasal snuff or sometimes called dry snuff is pulverized tobacco with aromas or flavorings added. Small amounts are sniffed into one's nose for the flavor and nicotine. Nasal snuffs have differed consistencies from extremely fine to coarse also moisture levels range from moist to extra dry. Coarse moist types are easiest on the nose but has the least nicotine impact. Fine ground extra dry are hardest on the nose but have a pleasant nicotine kick.

Before learning I could order nasal snuff online I bought some Tops brand from a local store. It burned my nose very bad plus the smell of bacon lingered for hours. I threw the Tops away and started ordering real nasal snuff online.

Below are several snuff manufacturing companies organized by country of origin

  • American
    • American Snuff Company
    • Dean Swift
    • FUBAR
    • Rockit
    • Swisher
    • US Smokeless
  • Belgian
    • Makla
  • British
    • Abraxas
    • Frederick
    • Fribourg
    • Gawith Hoggarth
    • J & H Wilsons
    • McChrystals
    • Samuel Gawith
    • Toque
    • Viking
    • Wilsons
    • Zuka
  • Chinese
    • Xichang
  • Dutch
    • De Kralingse
  • German
    • Arnold Andre
    • Bernard
    • Braniff
    • Poschl
    • Sternecker
  • Indian
    • 6 Photo
    • Blast
    • Dholakia
    • She
    • Taj
    • Temptation
    • Wow
  • Polish
    • Paul Gotard
    • Stok
  • South African
    • Babaton
    • Dr.Rumney
    • Ntsu
    • Singletons
    • Swedish Match
    • Venters
  • Thai
    • Herbal

Chewing Tobacco

Chewing tobacco necessitates a whole lot of daily spitting. You should know by now I am turned off by spit. With that said, I have used my fair share of chew. I grew up around men including my grandfather who "chewed" but it's is not for me.

Electronic Cigs

I want cigarettes out of my head, hand, mouth, lungs, and life completely. When we were children they indoctrinated us with candy cigarettes. Later they poisoned us and our children's lungs with real cigarettes. Now they want us smoking their new play cigarettes. I ain't playing no more cigarette games.

I don't want anything in my lungs except air. I am no doctor and do not give medical advice. I can read, comprehend and discern truth well as most. Lungs are for breathing air and not for filtering toxin from one's body. Anything put into the lungs are not filtered before it enters the blood stream. Therefore, what goes into the lungs travels though the whole body. Since nothing is filtered out, every good or bad component has its maximum effect. When it comes to nicotine, some of us might think its a good thing. The problem is when a bad componet enters lungs it is not filtered either. Don't take my word for it because I am a total layman. Study the massive amount of available information for yourself. There are centuries worth of snus and snuff use and research available. We have a four or five years worth of e-cig use and no research available.

Why Try Snus?

My primary reason to try snus and eventually switching was being "smoke-free". I needed a product that "does not produce smoke". After researching and testing many products, I chose to primarily use Swedish and secondarily nasal snuff. Both are considered a "smokeless tobacco product" that is "not consumed by smoking". Since both are "smoke-free", there is "no smoke" inhaled into my lungs.

How To Quit Smoking

My father smoked cigarettes for about sixty years and was never able to quit smoking. During his seventies, he was in hospital for a week and smoking was not allowed. When released he just never smoked again. Sometimes people ask "how to quit smoking?" but he quit smoking without even trying. I wish that was the stories happy ending.

Stroke and COPD

A few years later, he had a stroke which left him "forgetful". He developed COPD a lung disease caused from smoking, and progressively got worse until he needed oxygen.

Kidney and Lung Cancer

Sometime later cancer was found isolated in one kidney consequently the kidney was surgically removed. A couple of years afterwards, he was diagnosed with stage three lung cancer caused from smoking. He has endured enough chemo to kill a horse, but three years later he's still alive. An outsider might say that's wonderful or maybe not if they've survived chemo. COPD is not a picnic either. It's very tough watching someone you love enduring so much pain. Believe me, there's plenty of misery for everyone involved.

Not Me

I smoked cigarettes for more than thirty years. I started smoking at a very young age without any consideration of its effects on my body. Smoking seemed natural because I had smoked for such a long time the idea of not smoking was hard. It should be obvious what caused me to switch into high gear. Not a fear of dying because I am not afraid of death. I never want my kids seeing me the way I've had seen my father.

Rules and Laws

We live in a world that has rules and laws. Swedish snus is not a quit smoking product. This information is not about quitting nicotine. Many countries governments' have created laws that state smokeless tobacco is as harmful as smoking, and I make no claims otherwise. Some governments require a statement such as smokeless tobacco is not a safe alternative to cigarette smoking, and I make no claims otherwise.

In case you've not figured it out yet let me be clear, I hate cigarettes. Absolutely, unequivocally, un-spun, de-bs'ed, and without any waffling smoking is deadly. Smoking has the potential of causing you and your family more pain than anything else you could do.

Adults Only

Odds are if you smoke you started as a child before you grew a brain.

You are an adult now and its time to use your new brain :-). Don't let those cigarettes beat you.

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